Members only jetski club

  1. License not required
  2. Membership promo:
    S$68 for 6 mths
  3. Usual: S$68 per mth
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1. Exclusive Membership

The Club has a limited "999" members population. Only members can gain exclusive access to the jetskis,speedboats and yachting facilities of the club.

2. Guests are welcome

You may invite up till 8 guests, inclusive of yourself. Rent up till 4 jetskis at any one time. All your Loved Ones and Friends can be part of your yachting lifestyle.

3. Profit Sharing Incentive

Enjoy profit sharing of up till 10% on your additional rentals. E.g. Your guests rented 3 jetskis with your membership, you will enjoy 10% rebate on all your guests rental revenue.



A unique bonding experience with your children and loved ones.

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Relax and Return to Nature. JET AWAY from the buzzing city.

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An affordable activity to learn new skills and make more friends.

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Easily Accessible

The Club is located at Senibong Cove, an Award Winning Development 15 minutes away from the causeway. Enjoy the Yachting Lifestyle at only a fraction of the cost.

No License Needed

In Malaysia, you don't need a Boating License to ride a jetski. Meaning that "You Can Ride Behind" your 12 year old child after a 30 min training session.

Training Program Included

Session includes training and orientation. Every sea trip is guided by a fleet leader who will bring you to the destination happily and safely back home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the membership is only a one-time payment of $3,800. For the latest promotions and offers, kindly sign up for a Free Preview and enjoy boating starting from only $380* with the Deferred Payment Scheme.

It does not include the boating license or the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) package. The reason is because some of the new members have already obtained their PPCDL.

Generally, weekends and public holidays are the peak period. Members are advise to book in advance to avoid any disappointment. The Club may gradually increase the fleet available for members as the demand increases.

The water crafts are insured. However, insurance may not cover if it is due to negligence or any misuse of the water crafts. The claim will be accessed by the insurance company should an accident happen. Members and guests need to purchase their own personal accidental insurance

Generally the possibility of accident is very slim. Most damage occurs due to negligence of the boaters hitting sand banks and rocks. This is why our navigational and proficiency training is conducted to equip our members with skills, experience and the "sixth sense" to avoid such incidents. Singapore waters are also heavily protected by coast guards hence boating in Singapore is relatively safe.

We do not advise this. The reason is because it is very costly in terms of custom clearance, rental and fuel. However, in the next 12 months, our program will be extended to the neighboring countries such that members can drive across to Malaysia or take a ferry to Batam or Bintan, stay in our partners resort, and take the boat out from there. It saves time, money and fuel.

Yes, this is a pay per use program. You only pay for what you use. No subscription, no hidden cost.

Fuel is excluded. Your boat will be filled up with a full tank. All you have to do is to top it up full for the next member when you are back to the marina. The reason to exclude the fuel is to allow members to have the freedom to go wherever they want without limitation. All they need to do is to top up the fuel at their expense. This is no different from car rental. There will be a $50 service fee charge for refueling.

Yes you can. But you don't need a license now to enjoy boating immediately. The club has operation in Senibong Cove, Johore, Malaysia, where you don’t need a license to captain your own boat and ride a jetski. Simply sign up as a member now and Enjoy Now!

We will refer you to our PPCDL course partners and you may register your session with them directly. We will share more details with you during the Free Preview sessions.


For those who are not sure if Jetski is for you. Try our Starter Experience with your friends and loved ones to get the answer. Rate is quoted per craft. Max. 2 pax per craft i.e. only S$45 per person.

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STARTER EXPERIENCE Plus another 50 minus of Jet Cruising along Johore Pasir Gudang and Singapore Pulau Ubin water ways.

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Enjoy an unforgettable experience with your family and love ones. Cruise along Johore - Singapore water ways. Rest and Relax at a VIP Kelong Resort. Enjoy a fresh seafood meal.

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Learn to captain a speedboat. A simple and yet comprehensive Pleasure Water Craft driving course to equip you with the skills and knowledge to a New Boating Lifestyle.

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