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is a "Members Only" Boats and Jetskis Rental Club operating in Sentosa, Ponggol Water Town and Senibong Cove, Johore, Malaysia. Our concept is very simple. It is to offer affordable boating and watercrafts rental to everyone without worries about maintenance, repairs and other miscellaneous costs. We brought together a community of sea-loving folks and wholesome bonding with friends and family. With the Club, members can stay connected and enjoy their next boating session together!

Start Your Boating Lifestyle In 3 Easy Steps

Traditionally boating is an expensive hobby for the rich.

Today, you can enjoy a lifestyle most people would envy at only a fraction of the cost.

1. Sign Up As A Member From Only $380*

Join Club Marine GO at a one-time initiation fee of $3,800. Participation include Boating & Jetski Proficiency Orientation in Singapore and Johore. Deferred Payment Scheme available @only $380. Click here for current promotions.

2. Attend Your Boating & Jetski Proficiency Orientation

The orientation will equip members with sufficient knowledge and seamenship experience necessary to navigate the waters safely and confidently.

3. Book Your Watercraft Online & Download Our Mobile App

Members login and book their preferred water craft online. Download GOChat, a community forum App and participate in group activities organise by more experience members.

Meet Our Members

"Thank you for making us who we are today."

Kenny Tham

Founder & MD - Club Marine Holdings

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Teddy Teo

Senior Partner Manager, Singapore Hitachi Data Systems

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Alvin Lee

Co-Owner of Al Borgo Italian Restaurant

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Fintan Mc Kiernan

CEO of Ideal Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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Alvin, Van & Chris

A Group Of Jetski Enthusiast

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Thomas Soh

Owner of Sheen Gallery Pte Ltd

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Training Sessions are Opportunities to develop Skills, Confidence and Authentic Friendships that will last a Lifetime.

Boating Proficiency Orientation

The Boating Proficiency Orientation runs over 4 hours (in a group) at Sentosa. The session covers all aspect of Safe Boating including navigation, anchoring, open waters handling, tube towing and most importantly, Emergency Recovery.

In a nutshell, you are trained to be a Proficient Seamen not just a hobbyist. You not only learn to create an enjoyable experience but also how to protect and keep your friends and family safe.

To assure members' confidence in boating, you can come back for refresher whenever you need to for FREE. This is our commitment to develop our members to become a proficient seamen.

Jetski Proficiency Orientation

When we first started, many were reluctant and often asked “I have rode a jetski in Bali, Phuket, resorts etc. Why do I need such training!” The answer is WHAT IF?

WHAT IF when you are riding with your loved ones and it overturned. How are you going to flip a 300kg jetski in the water?

WHAT IF your jetski's propeller is suddenly jammed with debris like a plastic bag? You are drifting into the water ways where container ships can hardly see you.

Just like airline pilots, they are trained to do recovery during unforeseen situations. Here, we are training you not only for the fun times, but also for emergencies.

Advance Yachting (Optional)

The Advance Yachting is an optional program created for members who wants to advance into twin engine Yachts. Similar to airplanes, pilots progress from a single propeller plane to a twin engine jet.

Members who participate in the yacht training will learn the different aspects, equipments and handling of modern yachts. This program is great for potential yacht buyers giving them a good preview of what to expect before proceeding into yacht ownership.

It is unique as the program comes with a 4 hours training on board a 50ft Meridian 441 twin engine yacht. After that, on a separate booking,you can bring your own family and friends on board.


Because Safety Comes First

The greatest advantage of being a Club Marine GO member is you will learn to become a competent seamen through our Boat & Jetski Orientation before taking your friends and family out on your favourite watercraft.

In Singapore, you will need a Boat Driving License also known as the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) to drive any powered watercraft. Having passed the PPCDL is generally not sufficient for new boaters to safely navigate the waters around Singapore safely due to the lack of experience, confidence, navigational skills and other local knowledge.

For example: The PPCDL Test does not require a license holder to anchor the boat hence this is not covered during the course. The test is also conducted inside protected waters so a license holder is never exposed to choppy open waters, nor will they know where the hidden dangers such as sand banks, rocks and reefs are located. These are the uncertainties that keep most PPCDL holders away from the sea even after they have obtained their license. Access to bare boat rental is also very limited.

When you join us as a member, we provide all additional orientation to ensure that you are equipped with sufficient navigation and seamanship knowledge, experience, confidence and courage to bring your friends and family out safely, and most importantly return safely.

Save Time & Money

With Club Marine's boats conveniently located in both the northern, southern part of Singapore and Senibong Cove, Johore, Malaysia. Just choose your nearest or favourite marina and SAVE TIME, SAVE FUEL, SAVE MONEY.

Boating is never about driving a boat around aimlessly. Boating gives you the freedom and lifestyle to choose your "Destination," otherwise not accessible by land.

Club Marine enables you to share your journey and destination with your friends and family and gets you there Faster, Easier, Safer and Cheaper.

Many of our members enjoy the sun, sand and the sea at the Lazarus, Sisters' or the St John's Islands, which is just minutes away from Sentosa.

Should you choose to do some fishing at Pulau Ubin, have great seafood in Singapore's only floating Kelong restaurant, or simply enjoy the nature of the Northern Islands, your boat is waiting at Marina Country Club, Punggol!

Instant Access No License Needed

With our new operation in Senibong Cove, Johore Malaysia, you don’t need to have a license and enjoy instant access to boats and jetskis located at the “Sentosa Cove” of Johore, Malaysia.

Senibong Cove is one of the premium luxury estate situated just 20 minutes from the Woodland Causeway. There’s a different feeling about life at Senibong Cove that separates it from other locations along the Johor Strait. It’s not Singapore, but that’s where its charm lies. The calmness of Senibong Cove will become the most important part of your lifestyle. Leave the stresses of the city behind once surrounded by the natural beauty of the community to enjoy time with friends, family and guests in the comfort of the many eateries. There’s a lot of space for both the mind and the body at Senibong Cove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Yes, the membership is only a one-time payment of $3,800. For the latest promotions and offers, kindly sign up for a Free Preview and enjoy boating starting from only $380* with the Deferred Payment Scheme.

It does not include the boating license or the Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) package. The reason is because some of the new members have already obtained their PPCDL.

Generally, weekends and public holidays are the peak period. Members are advise to book in advance to avoid any disappointment. The Club may gradually increase the fleet available for members as the demand increases.

The water crafts are insured. However, insurance may not cover if it is due to negligence or any misuse of the water crafts. The claim will be accessed by the insurance company should an accident happen. Members and guests need to purchase their own personal accidental insurance

Generally the possibility of accident is very slim. Most damage occurs due to negligence of the boaters hitting sand banks and rocks. This is why our navigational and proficiency training is conducted to equip our members with skills, experience and the "sixth sense" to avoid such incidents. Singapore waters are also heavily protected by coast guards hence boating in Singapore is relatively safe.

We do not advise this. The reason is because it is very costly in terms of custom clearance, rental and fuel. However, in the next 12 months, our program will be extended to the neighboring countries such that members can drive across to Malaysia or take a ferry to Batam or Bintan, stay in our partners resort, and take the boat out from there. It saves time, money and fuel.

Yes, this is a pay per use program. You only pay for what you use. No subscription, no hidden cost.

Fuel is excluded. Your boat will be filled up with a full tank. All you have to do is to top it up full for the next member when you are back to the marina. The reason to exclude the fuel is to allow members to have the freedom to go wherever they want without limitation. All they need to do is to top up the fuel at their expense. This is no different from car rental. There will be a $50 service fee charge for refueling.

Yes you can. But you don't need a license now to enjoy boating immediately. The club has operation in Senibong Cove, Johore, Malaysia, where you don’t need a license to captain your own boat and ride a jetski. Simply sign up as a member now and Enjoy Now!

We will refer you to our PPCDL course partners and you may register your session with them directly. We will share more details with you during the Free Preview sessions.

Our Members

We are unable to include all our members in this section.

Search “GOChat By ClubMarineGO” in Apple Appstore or Google Play Store to download our Community App.

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Activity Description
Discover Singapore Paradise Beach Sail from Sentosa Cove Marina for an superior sand and sea experience at Lazarus Island. Anchor and chill out at the lagoon for fun filled activities like swimming, fun tubing activities, sun bath, island exploring and picnic on the pristine white beach.
Sunset or Day Cruise Floating Seafood Restaurant Cruise along the natural and rustic beauty of northern Island. Have dining experience at the Floating Seafood Restaurant with panoramic view of the sea. Fishing and Pool are available on board. Enjoy beautiful sun setting down during sunset cruise trip.
Discovery Boating 30 minutes cruise from Ponggol Marina. Anchor and chill out at Ketam area. Ride on fun tubing or jet ski.Other activities like swimming,card playing and picnic on board. Hop on Floating restaurant for photo taking or fishing.
Rustic Private Kelong Trip 30 minutes cruise around rustic beauty of Northern Island and access to Private Kelong-Wooden house supported on stilts in the sea which off Pulau Ubin. Barbeque on board with own food arrangement.
Introductory Boating Lesson Learn about basic boating concept and boating industry in Singapore. Learn about top boating hot spots and hide outs, top boating activities can enjoy with your families and friends? A short boat ride along Ponggol-Ubin waterline.
Chase the Hantu and Sister (Island) Expedition Hop on jetski from Sentosa Cove Marina for an unique and thrilling adventure to explore the beauty and mistery of Hantu (Ghost) Island and Sisters Island. Accompanied by experience skipper along the trip.
Discovery Boating for the Bosses 6 Hours Experiential Discovery Session for 18 Department Heads From Various Companies. Ride on 50ft Yacht, A Speed Boat & A Jetski Discover How Boating Can Help In Your Business.
Fire on Boat Cruise (Pontoon Boat BBQ) The pontoon boat is here to entertain. With a Wet Bar and a BBQ pit on board, be ready for a floating entertainment center.
Sentosa Island Night out with Firework Viewing Hop on private crusie and enjoy the night skyline of sentosa island before the fireworks viewing for the "Wings of Time" show. A spectacular night show set outdoors against the backdrop of an open sea.

Your Boat Is Waiting

This sports cruiser has a maximum capacity of 12 but it is most comfortable and best suited for 8 guests. It has digital control that gives you a very easy throttle control of its 300hp Mercruiser engine.

Video Orientation  

Whether you're ready to kick back or make waves, the Rinker Captiva 246 BR is up to the task with a huge swim platform, sunpad and enclosed head, as well as racing-inspired bolster seats in the helm.

Video Orientation  

A Rinker with a cuddy cabin. Sure this cut down some space, but it is still roomy enough for what we typically use it for: crashing, getting out of the rain, or giving the kids a parent-free zone

Video Orientation  

Yamaha says that its mission statement for the EX Sport was simple... ''have fun on the water, but don’t spend a lot doing it.'' It’s got everything the start-up rider would want, and leaves off the top end features that only the true aficionados would require

Video Orientation  

The Rinker Captiva 220 MTX is primed to bring a fresh new attitude with the head-turning WOW factor. Cruise through the northern seas in style and prepare to expect a few heads turning and jaw dropping

Video Orientation  

With design cues reminiscent of ’60s roadsters, the GT 200 is a roomy 20-footer with an outboard motor – perfect for family thrill-seeking and even a northern tour

Video Orientation  

With the GT 180, you’ve got the power and room to thrill the entire crew. This sporty, 18-foot bowrider delivers great acceleration – and rocks the waves with a thumpin’ audio system.

Video Orientation  

Yamaha says that its mission statement for the VX Deluxe was simple... ''have fun on the water, but don’t spend a lot doing it.'' It’s got everything the start-up rider would want, and leaves off the top end features that only the true aficionados would require

Video Orientation  

Spanning over 47ft in length, the Meridian 441 is definitely here to impress. With twin Engine power up to 760Hp, spacious Flybridge & 2 fully equipped Bedrooms and toilets, you will be boating in style. The Meridian 441 also comes with a Jetski located at the stern of the boat to ensure that you never get bored! (Jetski subject to availability and additional charges applies).

Video Orientation  


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